Ellie Bright

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Ellie Bright was born in Ukraine. After graduating with a diploma from Uzhorod Art Academy in Ukraine, Bright began exhibiting throughout Ukraine. She moved to the UK and has been living and working here since 2016. Ellie has exhibited throughout the UK, including The Mall Galleries, The biscuit factory gallery, and others.
Her works are in private collections worldwide, including in the UK, USA, Italy, France, Germany, Cyprus, and others.

Artist statement:

I value how the semi-abstract style allows the onlooker to fully immerse in the subject without linking ties to the artist. This is vital for me, as it is the only way I believe the viewer will emotionally connect with my painting.

Cityscape can be poetised; the box-like buildings can be covered in fog and mist, and contemporary landscapes become a beautiful, vibrant land.

Ellie is connecting the motive of the romantics of a city with hope and dreams in order to make the viewer feel the vibrance and pulse of the urban.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the magical effect that the fog brings to the paintings, and when rays of light break out of dark corners and bring the cities to life, I feel beauty.”