Gordon Hunt

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Gordon Hunt

Born 1958 in Nottingham, the artist works from his home studio in Fowey, Cornwall.

“I paint the light effects of sunshine on water, with sparkling reflections and silhouettes, resulting in strong contrasting colours and dynamic shapes, evoking the feeling of sunshine, holidays and well being, which I think is why they are so popular.”

Rather than an accurate depiction of a particular scene, Gordon’s work has a more emotional response to the scene, using colour and contrast to give a heightened feel for the day, the place, the people.
The quick drying properties of acrylic suits his style of painting, building up layers of colour, working towards the brightest parts of the painting.


  • Webbs Fine Art Gallery
  • 1, Burland Road
  • London
  • SW11 6SA
  • United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7223 1733

Email: gallery@thewebbsgallery.co.uk



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