John Bampfield

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John Bampfield

John Bampfield was born in 1947 in Kidderminster. Of mixed English and Scottish background, the young Bampfield showed himself to be gifted academically and artistically.

He entered the local carpet industry for which Kidderminster is renowned. In 1966, John moved to London and later, in 1968, to Cornwall. By then Cornwall was a flourishing artistic community, as many internationally known artists converged to live in Penzance and St. Ives to enjoy the spectacular qualities of natural light.

Bampfield has a personal fascination for the proximity of the sea in all her moods. He found this in abundance in Cornwall. Here, great waves, after travelling three thousand miles across the North Atlantic, hurl themselves against the granite rocks of the southernmost tip of the British mainland.

In these exciting surroundings, John Bampfield began to develop his natural ability as an artist, especially influenced by the example set by local mentors Ben Maile and Edward Dyer, who both enjoy national reputations.

Now each new painting by John Bampfield is an example of how the artist has grown in stature. As Bampfield says himself:

“I have worked very hard for the last twenty years to the exclusion of most other pleasures in life. That’s my life there, every picture is extremely satisfying to finish and even harder to part with… there is a part of myself which I sincerely put into all of my work.”

John Bampfield has developed over these intervening years into an artist with his own national reputation. His range of painting styles has shown steady progress through a variety of methods and genre into a new form of impressionist painting. John Bampfield has deserved his success and has now become a respected and collected professional artist.


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