Jill Hudson

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A graduate of Falmouth College of Arts in 2001, Jill Hudson lives and works in Cornwall.

Born in Merseyside in 1977, she spent eight months in Uganda working with a charity organisation, teaching English and Chemistry in a rural school – and she has nurtured a love of travelling ever since. During her degree, she studied for three months at the Accademia di Belli Arti in Venice. She has also travelled in Central and Southern America and she takes her paints with her everywhere she goes.

More recent adventures have been working on the first International Arts festival in Bhutan, where she created a large illuminated withy sculpture of a horse, and sailing in Greenland where she painted icebergs and glaciers.

“I paint the world around me, trying to translate the landscape of life in all it’s forms. My influences are many and varied, I began by falling in love with the Impressionists, but I try to capture light and beauty, there is often the start of a story in my work.”


  • Webbs Fine Art Gallery
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  • London SW11 6SA
  • United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7223 1733

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