Janet Shearer

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Janet Shearer has been painting all her life and has enjoyed an extraordinary career in the field of ‘trompe l’oeil’ painting and murals. Trompe L’Oeil, means ‘trick the eye’ in French and it refers to the particular style of painting whereby the artist creates an illusion of space and paints an apparently three dimensional image on the wall within the context of the surrounding architecture. Janet says:

“Although trompe l’oeil is a visual joke, the joke is only effective if you do it really well. Achieving ever greater personal understanding of realism in painting is what motivates me to keep trying more complex and interesting creations.”

Recently, Janet has focussed more on her own paintings, especially those of the coast between Rock and Epphaven in North Cornwall.

“Most of my recent paintings are of a beach called Epphaven on the north coast between Port Quin and Lundy. I go there all the time to sketch and take photographs. It’s my favourite place. I just love it there. It takes in the view of The Rumps and The Moules – an island just off Pentire Headland. It’s never the same. I love it in all weathers: the crystal clear water. I love the rough weather and the storms. All of it!”

Janet works in oil and acrylics, sometimes a mixture of both, doing most of the work in her studio near Ruthernbridge in North Cornwall.

“I want to spend more time doing my own work. My painting is very much about me and my love of Cornwall and my fascination with water. Most of my paintings are of water. I’m always interested in the movement, the clarity, the colours, especially here in Cornwall. I can be lost for hours looking into a rock pool. Water holds an endless fascination for me. Then there’s something about the representation of water that pleases me very much.”