Helen Barnard

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Helen Barnard is an abstract artist passionate about nature, pops of pigment, textures and the palette of the 30s and 40s. She paints in oil, mixed media including metal leaf and watercolour.

Helen believes that art should play a dynamic part in any space, either through vibrant colours or by reflecting light. She is fascinated by intense colour pigment , contrasting textures as well as by the way light falls throughout the day. Her popular copper leaf Manderley oak tree and mystical forest canvases always highlight the beauty of contrasting textures and are created to reflect beams of daylight as well as more ambient evening lighting.

As well as her highly colourful landscapes Helen often paints with only one or two pigments as she is heavily influenced by the elegant universes created by the restricted palette of the classic Japanese artists such as Sesshu Tōyō. Another of Helen’s ongoing passions is Hitchcock’s Rebecca and it’s fictional setting of Manderley and this visual atmosphere, as well as the colour palette of the 30s and 40s, can be seen in all her work, whether in the large gilded tree and forest canvases or in her landscapes and floral still life oil paintings. Helen has been exhibiting her work throughout London and the South East for the last few years.