Beverly Waller

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Scottish artist, Beverley Waller paints big, bright and bold canvases using strong colour with iridescent layers and rich textures.

She grew up in the North East of Scotland with its backdrop of beaches, cliffs and rocky shoreline looking out over the North Sea.

“I can’t remember when I started drawing and painting, I suspect I was born with a crayon in my hand! Living in such a dramatic landscape, coupled to discovering a fabulous tome on JMW Turner in the local library set me in the direction of art school and a life of creating art.”

Since studying at Wimbledon School of Art and Belfast Art College she has explored sculpture, printing and ceramics but continually returns to her first love – painting. She revels in exploring the endless possibilities of painting sea and landscapes. Her imagery encapsulates her emotional response to the changing moods of sea, land and sky. Her starting point can be sketch, photo or memory however the vital part of the creative process is allowing herself to ‘listen’ and ‘see’ where the painting needs to develop. The combination of mixed media texture with vivid and iridescent colour make the paintings come alive, they even respond to different lighting conditions. Her native Scotland remains a constant inspiration: from the Highlands and Islands to the shorelines of the North East.

She has exhibited in solo and group shows across the United Kingdom with work held in private collections in Europe, Australia and the USA.